Michael Dee’s Social News gets second chance


Michael Dee’s Social News gets a second chance in new 10 part series. 


A series that was on the cusp of greatness returns to Take the Cake Productions.

 So as many of you where wondering, why did Michael Dee’s Social News just end? 

 I felt at the time that it wasn’t getting the recognition that it deserved. When writing, filming and producing an episode each week it began to prove hard. Towards the end of its run I felt that the scripts lost core humour and time and effort was not being given 100% by myself.  


A show like Social News needs a good script to give it the credit it deserves. Hopefully in series 2, I will have more time to focus on writing some really good jokes and one liners to match some of the great news articles we cover on the show.


Written by: Michael Dee

Michael Dee