Take the Cake and Cast of Morbid hit the Daily Mail


A groom-to-be had to build his father's own coffin and hold a DIY funeral just days before his wedding after running out of money for a burial service.


James Furlonger was heartbroken after his father Colin Schmidt, known as Duke, died from a stroke on August 4 - just three weeks before he was due to marry his now-wife Carly.

Mr and Mrs Furlonger invested their spare money into their wedding at their home in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, and James was forced to build a coffin from scratch using YouTube tutorials and borrowing a hearse used as a sitcom prop after finding out a 'basic' cremation package would cost £3,000.


Mr Furlonger spent more than 60 hours building a coffin for his father using pine wood, PVA glue and a handful of screws usually used for garden planters. His wife then put the finishing touches on the coffin by lining it with a double-cotton sheet from Home Bargains.

Sitcom maker Micheal Dee was hailed as a hero by Mr Furlonger for letting him use the hearse for free and getting his funeral director friend Ian Dallinger to conduct the ceremony for free. 

Artistic director Michael Dee said he was honoured to have played a part in Duke's funeral.

The 29-year-old said: 'I think Duke got a better funeral in the end as he had something so personal and special. I'm sad I never got to meet him.

'I'm really proud of the family for holding together - it goes to show that any problem can always be overcome. I'm planning to dedicate an episode to Duke.'

Michael Dee