Be a filmmaker they said, it will be fun they said...

Becoming a filmmaker


Hello readers,

My name is Michael, before we start I would just like to say that, I started off in this industry as a performer. Never did I think I would become a filmmaker, running a production company and running around churches with an empty coffin.


But I guess in life we don't really know where we are going to end up. Until we die, that bit is pretty curtain. However I made a packed with myself to never loose sight of what makes me happy. That has never changed, even from a very early age I've referred to myself as the class clown. Always on the look out for the next best gag to tell my friends. I guess actors/performers are like that. We all share a common interest.. and that's attention! I suppose their are worst things to be addicted too.


So why did I become a filmmaker I hear you cry out in you're droves of thousands that have all congregated to my website to find out... Well its a simple story really, but very important to anyone going into the film industry. I did it because I was knocked back by the BBC.


I know! me? Michael Dee, renowned comedic talent I hear you all yell. We'll I guess it happens to us all and at the time I was only 19 with plenty of time to reach the top of my game. So why did the BBC close the door on me? and how did it even come about? Well, 10 years ago I wrote the first draft of Morbid a sitcom based in a funeral directors. It was written up on word and had plenty of spelling mistakes and poor grammar. It wasn't even typed up in a professional format. So I completely forgive the BBC for saying no as I think I would have done the same if I had of been in their shoes. 


But, roll the clock forward 10 years to the year 2017 and guess what? Michael Dee is back on the horse and he's determined to film Morbid independently and create a fanbase all for himself. Hang on a minute. Have I started referring to myself in the third person? I have.. apologies! Normal blogging will resume as normal from this point on.


So over the last 10 years I have been teaching myself how to become a filmmaker. Learning how to use a camera and most importantly. Learning to tell a story through characters. I spent this time working on web-programs for the internet, creating a name for Take the Cake Productions, and to be fair, I did alright. I had the help of a few friends to do a bit of acting and away we went. 


"I started off filming sketches, then I started with short episodes. Then I thought I'd film a 6 part web-series"


After learning my craft and redrafting Morbid a few thousand times, it was time to start production. In January I purchased a hearse, yes you read that right... I bought a hearse, off eBay and drove it back from Essex. Everyone on my Facebook must have thought I was mad, I am but that's a blog for another day.

A cast then came forward and rehearsal's started. We gained free rehearsal space, free flowers for the show and we also got a coffin for free from a funeral directors. Things had started to happen and through other peoples kindness we was on to a winner and the production value of the show rocketed.


From these small things happening and from friends and family donating towards our gofundme. Morbid went from a small independent to a massive production over night. We also gained the interest of Paul Warburton, who has very kindly teamed up to be the shows official photographer. His photos can be seen across the whole production of the show and also on my website.


Never did I think that my own efforts to be an actor/filmmaker would generate so much interest in a show that was written 10 years ago and spent most of that time in an attic.


It just goes to show that you should always follow you're dreams.

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