Take the Cake visit Dee 106.3

Today Michael Dee visited Chester’s Dee 106.3 to talk about some exciting new projects in the pipeline for 2018. 


 “It was an absolute pleasure to meet Jamie and Phil at Radio Dee 106.3. We discussed a few things regarding 2018 and I left feeling very excited”


Next year sees the launch of independent sitcom Morbid and this was the main drive behind today’s meeting. But it has also lead to a few side projects that could see a very exciting 2018 for everyone involved at Take the Cake Productions. 


After talking to Jamie and Phil about next year. It was time to check out some of the cool things around the studio. Sadly though we didn’t have enough time to play a round of foosball. But we did have time to talk to Dee 106.3’s presenter Gavin Matthews.  


So stay tuned to some great things coming out of Take the Cake over the next few months. 





Michael Dee