Morbid gets BBC limelight

Michael Dee speaks to BBC Radio Merseyside about his progress with Morbid.  


Today, Michael Dee spoke to BBC Radio Merseyside about his progress with Morbid, an independent sitcom based around a funeral directors. 


The interview took place at the Hooton Park Trust where Thora the hearse is being stored during the production of Morbid. 


At the start of the interview Michael Dee, Grant Ryan Lenton and Elric Cadwallader read a few scenes from the script to give the listeners a taste of what’s to come in the pilot episode. 


After reading a few scenes from the script it was time to get a one to one with show creator Michael. 


Michael spoke about the local community and how greatful he was for all the support and help from local  businesses. 


Grant took some time to speak about his character Dave and how he got involved with Take the Cake Productions.   


Elric spoke about his involvement as an actor in the show and his role as co-writer on Morbid.  


(Photo credit: Paul Warburton Photography)


We are awaiting confirmation on when this interview will air, but we will keep you all posted. 

Michael Dee