Independent Sitcom hits £3,000 crowdfunding target in 9 months!


Michael Dee and the team at Take the Cake Productions have smashed their crowdfunding target of £3000 to launch an independent sitcom, MORBID.


The sitcom is set in the Cheshire town of Ellesmere Port and currently being filmed in local venues and business to help give the show a truly authentic look and feel. Filming has recently been stalled due to the production hearse failing its MOT. The hearse was bought specifically for the show and recently it needed emergency repairs and replacement parts to get it back into production. The additional £1,000 raised has put filming back on track.


Show creator, Michael Dee comments: “The idea to film a series around a funeral directors is the first of its kind in the independent filmmaking world. With 10 years worth of independent filming as well the crowdfunding campaign being a great success, we couldn’t have imagined this outcome.”


A massive achievement by the production team behind Morbid and well done to Take the Cake Productions for getting the green light to carry on filming the pilot episode.  


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Michael Dee