Guest speaking at West Cheshire College


Take the Cake creator Michael Dee spent most of the morning speaking to students from the BTEC National Diploma Level 3 Film and TV course. Hoping to inspire and pass on his knowledge of what it’s like to own a production company. 


So today Michael had the opportunity to speak to BTEC students at West Cheshire College, where he attended between the years of 2006 - 2008.


“It was such a great experience, I remember myself sitting in the same seminar room, listening to a guest speaker from the film/tv industry. Never did I imagine I’d be guest speaking myself 10 years later”


Today’s talk focused around inspiring the next generation of filmmakers. Making them realise that anything is possible if you put the time and effort into it. The talk mainly focused on the production of Morbid and the process of getting an idea off the ground.


“I’ll be completely honest, it’s not the easiest thing on the planet to do, but it’s so rewarding when you see an idea come to life” 


After the talk Michael asked the students if any of them where working on any projects outside of college hours. One lad said he wanted to film a short based around a zombie apocalypse set in a College. 


“If there is one thing I’d like the students to take away from today’s talk it would be that, life is short, so go out and fulfil what makes you happy and try to live a life without regret”


Michael is available for any future events which would benefit an audience regarding film production.

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